Laptop case. Main features

When choosing a laptop case for yourself, in order to determine and purchase the one you need, you need to know the main features that they possess.

At the moment, all the laptop case can be divided into the following categories:

  • Backpack.
  • Case.
  • Folder.
  • Bag.
  • Briefcase.

In each category, you can select different subtypes, for example, a backpack for a laptop can be on wheels, or a different capacity, and the bag – over the shoulder, or with handles.

The main features of all categories can be considered such:

  • Capacity – Usually all laptop cases are designed for a specific device diagonal. However, it is quite inconvenient to carry around a laptop bag, and to her another bag with various things you need. Therefore, it is best when the laptop case has such a characteristic as capacity. How much extra space you need is up to you to decide and choose. But keep in mind that at least you need to take charge of your laptop and sometimes the mouse and other devices that are important to you.
  • Material – The first laptop cases were made of leather, were heavy and cumbersome. Now bags are made most often from durable fabric, and the walls are reinforced with special foam rubber. If it is also a fully synthetic laptop case, made of special plastic, which is not afraid of temperature changes, durable and reliable.
  • Hardware – Can be considered as feature, as the laptop case hardware provides half of its functionality. Carefully check before buying – is it convenient for you, does it suit you? Check for quality, lightning should not stick and diverges, and stickies must work well. Pay attention not to a belt, if you carry a bag with laptops on your shoulder, it should be comfortable and with a well-fixed length.
  • Design – A beautiful and stylish laptop case is important. With this device you will feel confident. When choosing a bag / backpack for equipment, try to ensure that in addition to the functional characteristics of the product, the aesthetic.
  • Moisture resistance – You can get under the rain anywhere – in the city or behind it, at the airport or at the university. So that your equipment is reliably protected from moisture, take care in advance, buying a laptop case, about this feature.
  • Thermal protection – Laptops and tablets, like any modern technology do not like extreme temperatures. Therefore, if you live, or are going to go to places where a big minus or a big plus is likely, it is better to choose a laptop case with the appropriate characteristics. It should be like a thermos and is able to keep the average temperature inside.


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