How to Find Best Pearl Jewellery for Your Girlfriend?

Have you ever heard about Queen of Gems? It is considered as the traditional jewellery because it is being used from the traditional times. Do you know who the founder of pearl is? Actually, there are several stories behind the origin or founder of pearl. Some stories say; the first man who used the pearl was Cleopatra. Some stories say; Lord Krishna was the one who first offered the peal jewellery to his daughter. But, nobody still knows the history of the real pearl.

As a huge variety of pearls is available in the national and international world but it’s difficult to find the best pearl jewellery for you. Though, a huge variety of pearls is available in the market but seawater and freshwater pearls are highly trending. You should always buy the seawater jewellery if you can afford it but if you can’t afford the highly expensive seawater jewellery, you can look for the other options.

There are several things, which you should consider while selecting the best pearl jewellery for your girlfriend. If you will consider the below-mentioned things, you will get the best out of the market.

  1. The weight of pearl

Always keep one thing in your mind I.e., heavier peal will cost you more. In simple words, if you will buy heavy pearl or heavy pearl jewellery from the market, you will have to pay extra as compared to the lesser weight jewellery. So, divide your budget and shop around.

  1. The size of the pearl

Another thing, which determines the cost of the pearl, is the size of the pearl. The larger sized pearl will obviously be more in weight and the more weight will automatically cost you more. So, if you want to save on the pearl jewellery, you can choose the lighter one. Not only the cost, but lighter pearl earrings also should definitely have space in every girl’s wardrobe.

  1. The shape of the pearl

The shape of the pearl also determines the total cost of the jewellery. Round or spherical shaped pearls are costly as compared to the uneven shaped pearls.

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