What’s the Most Effective Shapewear For Thigh Slimming?

Now that Autumn is starting to roll up on the calendar, you probably find yourself spending less time rocking your floaty summer dresses and more time looking through your wardrobe for your skinny jeans. There’s just one little problem with this. Well, actually, it might be two problems, because it’s your thighs. Regardless of your physical shape, it’s tremendously difficult to do any kind of targeted toning in your inner thigh area. Because of this, the possibility of thigh slimming is likely high on your list of features in potential shapewear.

Your Choices

When you pick out thigh-slimming shapewear, you’re going to discover that your hips and your thighs are a lot more interconnected than you probably thought they were. Given this, garments that are going to effectively shape your thighs are likely to start their work at your waist. If you’re looking for bras for asymmetrical breasts or other chest shapewear, you should look elsewhere. The best shapewear pieces provide you comfortable and flexible wear for many different budgets and occasions.

Shaping Skirts

This won’t work at all for your skinny jeans, given that it’s cut like a skirt. On the other hand, if you’re going to be wearing a formal evening gown, then a shaping skirt can work well for you. It follows and then supports the line of your evening gown so that you get a sleek, structured silhouette. You can choose from a variety of heights that you want the support to start at. Some pieces will just start on your waist, whereas others sit underneath your bust, giving you some tummy control as well. So, based on how your dress is cut and what your personal comfort level is, you have a number of choices.

Shaping Shorts

For any trousers that are closely cut or an enviable skinny jean vibe, this is worth a look. The thigh-focused shaping will start at your waist, and they sit in unison with the waistband of your jeans. These kind of shorts are great if you’re worried about possibly flashing your shapewear or just wanting to get a little bit of tummy control that doesn’t go much higher than your waistband.

Control or Long-Leg Girdle

This kind of shapewear is designed to be anchored a bit higher up along your torso. In doing so, you get to enjoy better waist definition and tummy control. This kind of style can work just as well under clingy gowns as it can underneath pantsuits. You get freedom of movement even when you have an uninterrupted silhouette from your bust to your waist and on down to your thighs.

Pointers For Choosing

This part is a handful of things you should consider. Take at least a few moments to think about what your personal priorities are so that you can easily identify the pieces of shapewear ideal for you. Much of it will simply boil down to the particular outfit that will sit over it. This should show you where you specifically would like your shaping to start, as well as where you don’t want things showing. This pair of things ought to be more than enough to know where you should start. After that, it’s really just a matter of comfort, which after all is truly the biggest thing.


If you are picking thigh-slimming shapewear, then odds are good that you’re looking to get a tight-fit look. That would hold true across pantsuits, fishtail gowns, or skinny jeans. Remember, visible seams showing from your shapewear isn’t something you want. As such, be sure that you only shop around for garments that are seamless.


Also think about how long your shapewear is. This might just come down to something like visibility. If you have a dress that is split down the side, then you need to also factor in how long your shaping shorts are.


Consult the size guide thoroughly to be sure you pick the right fit. Thigh-slimming shapewear that is made well isn’t going to be deceiving in terms of sizing. If you want to prevent bumps and lumps, then you need to only wear garments that are sized correctly.

Thigh Gap

You need to know, if you don’t already, that this is totally fiction. Don’t buy shapewear looking for a thigh gap. It’s almost like hunting the woods for a unicorn. High-calibre shapewear is going to offer you a sleek and curvy silhouette. That’s a lot more attractive than a media fad that is honestly overhyped. So, whether you want to wear jeans all year long, rock a glam look for one evening, or start switching into Autumn fashions, be sure that you are supporting both your comfort and your personal style. After all, comfort and confidence are all that matter. The distinctions separating thigh-slimming options might be small, but when you take a moment to consider them, you can determine the best shapewear for you.