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In 1952, Ray Ban probably didn't realize how important their newly introduced style called the Wayfarer would be, or for how long. The first versions were black with black lenses, and the style roared through Hollywood, beat culture, and the general culture like no other. Sure, the aviators were and are extremely popular, but the Wayfarer changed sunglasses forever. For one thing, they had the ear-pieces at the top of the frames, which today doesn't seem significant. But in 1952 it was revolutionary.
Today's Wayfarer comes in numerous pop-art colors and lens combinations, including sorbet pastels like pink and aqua. For the bold, they come with white frames, and for anyone who simply wants a "go-to" pair of sunglasses that will always look great, they're still available in traditional black-on-black. It would be hard to come up with anything in style culture more identifiably American than Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. They're up there with baseball, road trips, tailgate parties, and Weber barbecue grills in the backyard as far as enduring icons of American style and culture.